3.1. Mites LED states

LED Indicators and Mites States

This page provides information on LED indicator pattern and corresponding Mites status. The table below lists several common faults that may have happened to your Mites. Possible solutions are also given in the table.

LED Status

Mites Status

Steady Blue

Sensor initialization. This will happen when Mite start connecting to cloud and when Mite disconnecting from the cloud. It will gone after roughly 10 seconds.

Breathing Green

Normal state. Congratulations! Your Mite is now fully functioned! To avoid disturbing your daily life, this LED indicator will be dimmed according to surrounding light.

Steady White

WiFi initializations. If it does not disappear for a long time, then take out and replug to the mains.

Blinking Green

Your Mites is not connected to the specified WiFi hotspot. For some situation, this state may last slightly longer than expected (more than 1min). Please be patient! However, if this state lasts for long time, then it means your Mite cannot connect to WLAN. In this case, please check whether WiFi services or credentials are correct.

Blinking Cyan

Your Mites is currently connecting to the specified WLAN.

Blinking Magenta

OTA is in the progress. It will disappear after a while. We are sorry for bringing any disturbing caused by blinking LED during OTA update.

Blinking Blue

Your Mite is in listening mode, please connect it to your WiFi according to tutorials in previous session.

Blinking Green with intermediate blinking Blue

Your Mite is in the initializing mode, has successfully connected to the WiFi and is trying to connect to create a handshake with the mites.io backend.


There are some fatal hardware issues. Please take out your Mites from the mains immediately. This situation normally happened when either there are some fatal hardware faults (e.g. the water is splitted onto the sensor board), or the keys of your Mites is incorrect, i.e. your Mites are experienced from some security and privacy issues.