4. Frequency Asked Questions

We have categorized the events based into three parts as given below:

Getting Started FAQs

Q: How to connect my Mite to Mites.io?

Mites provides a SoftAP service for helping you connect to your traditional home network including WPA,WPA2 & WEP. You are recommended to use this feature for connecting your Mites to mites.io . For more detail information, please refer to setup guide in Section 2.1. Note that the Mites supports only WPA,WPA2 & WEP. It does not work on 802.1X and Enterprise networks.

Q: Can my Mites support connections with enterprise network?

No, the current Mite sensor only supports WPA,WPA2 & WEP. It does not work on 802.1X and Enterprise networks. For more detail information, please refer to setup guide in Section 2.1.

Q: My Mite keeps restarting, what could be the issues?

There may be some WiFi issues in the space to which you deployed the sensors in. The possible issues, but not comprehensive, may be:

  • Your WiFi network are experiencing some problems. Please consult your wireless network manager.

  • Your Mite is experiencing some wifi connectivity issues. If this is the case, please refer to section 3 for trouble shooting guide.

  • One of the hardware sensors may have failed. Try flashing the application firmware from the backend. Please refer to section 2.2.5 Update Service

If the problem persists, please consult Mites.io team.

Q: I am observing unfamiliar LED light patterns. What could be the reason?

Please refer to section 3 for trouble shooting guide. If the pattern does not appear on the Section 3, please consult Mites.io team.

Q: How can I enable streaming and view live sensor data?

We have provided detailed step-by-step instructions how to set up the visualization client. Please refer to section 2.3 for more detail.

Q: Where can I deploy my Mites?

In general, you can deploy your Mites anywhere you want with proper WiFi Network. However, some of the extreme conditions should be avoided such as places with potential exposure to water. It is not recommended to install our Mites in spaces under potential risk of events that can physically harm our Mites sensors.

Q: Can I deploy my sensors outside of the United States?

Yes sure, As long as you have a stable internet/wifi connection the Mite should work. We have deployed and tested the communication between mites and mites.io backend across cities, states and countries.

Q: What’s the difference between tunnel, remote and local streaming?

Tunnel streaming, Remote streaming and local streaming are three different ways for you to stream sensor data to the end-user applications like the ML viewer. Please refer to section 2.2.3 for more detail information.

Q: What’s the lifetime of my access token?

The lifetime for an access token is 24 hours. The token will be invalidated after 24 hour from the time of issue.

Q: Where can I find the firmware version of my Mite?

We have designed 2 ways to view the firmware version:

  • Visit backend sensor management service, and click the the specific Mites button in the sensor service. You can check the version string by clicking the version button.

  • Long press setup button until you Mites start blinking blue. You can check out version string by visiting;

Q: What will happen after you flash a new firmware via OTA?

After initiating firmware OTA, your Mite’s LED will start blinking magenta, which will be followed by system reboot. The whole process takes 10 to 20 seconds.

Q: After logging to my account, why do I have as access token error?

This happens because your access token has been expired. You should generate a new access token and select that token on the Oauth page. For more information, please refer to section 2.2.4.

Event Classification and Machine Learning

Q: Can I detect all events using my Mites?

No. The current evaluation package is only for programming by demonstration purposes. Please try to perform the event of your concern and see if there are any visible changes on the ML viewer. If you cannot see any visible signals, it is unlikely that the ML classifier will be able to predict that event. Currently, we do not support general event detection. We are currently working on this for exploiting Mites capabilities in general purpose event detections. Stay tuned. ;)

Q: How do I provide training samples for a new event?

Please refer to section 2.3 for training and providing additional samples.

Q: Can I get the labeled data samples that the viewer uses to train the model?

No. We currently do not provide that. However, the data used to train the model is a subset of the data stored in the data output log. You may have to independently log the start and end time of events and parse the corresponding data logs (or) use the event logs, parse the timestamp for the start & end of the predicted events and find the corresponding data from the data_log.

Q: How many training samples do I need to provide for an event?

The number of training samples depends on each activity/event. If the event has a clear signal/pattern in the sensor stream over time and is clearly distinguishable on the viewer (Eg. Vacuum), you may provide fewer examples. If the signal is less distinguishable then, you may have to provide more training examples.

Q: Why does the ML viewer confuse Event A with Event B despite the sensor signals being unique?

Here you are reaching the limits of the current ML classification. For example, if you want to detect person-A talking vs person-B, it is hard for the ML classifier to distinguish between them, unless, they have distinctive signals on the microphone. But, don't worry we are working on this aswell! ;)

Q: I don't like the viewer! Can I train the events on the cloud?

We are working on this. Stay put!! ;)

Q: How many Mites can I use at same time?

As many as you want! Mites backend is designed to be a scalable, distributed services for supporting large scale of Mites sensor network.

Logistics and Administration FAQs

Q: How can I purchase Mites?

No, currently the Mites stack is still in research and development stage. For more details regarding the Evaluation Package, please contact mite.io team.

Q: How can I get involved?

You are welcome to get involved with the project. Please refer to section 5 and contact us!